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The Barmy Army

Meet the Barmites!!

We Are Everywhere
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Sending the whole world barmy, one person at a time...
Welcome to the Barmy Army Livejournal Community!

The premise of this community is very simple. I want YOU, oh Livejournal user, to send in a photo of yourself with a sign reading "I'M BARMY!" in big letters. It can be on a card, note paper, your grandmother, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you become part of the Barmy Army!

Simply send your photographs to: the_kneetroll@yahoo.com and a little story about the picture (who is in it, what you're doing in the photo, where you are, etc) and I'll post it up here - then, you'll be officially a member!

And I'll send you a little thank you note back :o)